Hermès Kelly 35 Fauve Grizzly Bag Rainbow Amazone Strap – Limited Edition

An amazing and rare Hermès Kelly in size 35. The Grizzly Kelly Bag is featured in lovely two-tone and two-material exterior. It’s made from luxurious Gold Togo leather and Fauve Suede, accentuated with palladium hardware. As a unique and extremely rare handbag, this Kelly is sought-after worldwide. The rainbow colored Amazone strap gives it a vintage feel and makes it even more exclusive. Condition: Very good 35cm: 35x24x12cm 14″x9.5″x4.7″ Material: Veau / Suede, Togo Hardware: Palladium  

Hermès Birkin 40 Fauve Barenia Leather Gold Hardware – 1994, X Circle

While today, Hermès is known for producing the most luxurious objects in the world, its equestrian heritage is well known to fans of the house. The material that connects most strongly to these roots is Barenia: a supple, smooth, warm tan leather that patinas like nothing else, and shows off the House’s quality of craft and materials to the highest degree. The calf skins used to make this heritage leather must be absolutely perfect, which makes larger bags very difficult to come by. This stunning and very rare 40cm Birkin is made entirely of classic Fauve Barenia leather, accented with...